Chartered Manager & Certified Consultant & Business Adviser Awards

You wouldn’t put yourself in the hands of an unqualified airline pilot or doctor…so ensure your organisation is in the capable hands of managers who deliver results.

Chartered Manager isn’t just a fancy term invented to make the CMI most qualified members look good.

It means they are good.

  • Good enough to drive through efficiencies and keep staff and customers on board
  • Good enough to turn a failing business or department around from loss to profit
  • Good enough to increase profit or market share.

Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the managerial profession.

Awarded only by the CMI, it is recognised throughout the public and private sectors and across all management disciplines.

It provides leadership skills that maximise motivation and engagement.

It is awarded based on proven application and expertise in leading people and managing change.

Offer the CMI’s Chartered Manager award as part of your development and talent management programme and differentiate yourself through managers that:

  • Are equipped to deal with organisational challenges
  • Have the leadership skills that maximise motivation and engagement
  • Deliver tangible impact – in terms of bottom-line business performance

To find out how to incorporate Chartered Manager into your organisation’s development or talent management programme, call 01536 207495 or email

consultantoftheyearIC Regional Consultant & Business Adviser of the Year Award 2014

As part of the “Fostering Innovation” Celebration, the local Board of CMI/IC have special recognition of local talent.

A select panel has looked at every individual who has recently been successful in obtaining CMgr, CMC and CBA. Everyone has been nominated by the Board and a difficult selection process has been applied.

The selection Panel hope that every CMgr, CMC and CBA will be there on 17th so that a group picture can be obtained reflecting the highest standards in Management, Consultancy and the provision of Business Advice.

So there will be 3 winners to be announced.

  • Ireland Chartered Manager of the Year
  • N Ireland Certified Management Consultant
  • N Ireland Certified Business Adviser.

Entry Criteria: This category is open to any individual Chartered Manager, Certified Management Consultant or Certified Business Advisor, whether a sole trader or part of a practice.

Only those who obtained their special recognition within the last two years will be considered.

The Panel will require evidence of a well-organised, resourceful, effective individual who has a consistent approach to clients and who has evidence of positive feedback from customers or colleagues.

National Management & Leadership Awards: How to enter: Entries to the National Competition will be open in June. We hope to launch the Competition at the event on 17th June.